Dwarf ladies

So… Dwarf women. I mentioned before that the best fantasy race are the Dwarves. As such, they also tend to be a common subject of the video games I play and the drawings I create. I also really like women, and by women I do mean women of all races. The buffer the better.

The subject of Dwarf women is a divisive one. Though never explicitly stated by Tolkien, bits of dialog from the Lord of the Rings books lead many to believe that Dwarf females also grow beards. Personally I prefer the beardless look.

I went back thought my library of drawings and looked up all the good drawings of lady Dwarves I made over the years for your viewing pleasure.

Rather than linking the DeviantArt posts one by one, I’ll just leave the link to my gallery instead. I’m feeling lazy today.

Modern Mermaid


My Mom likes to challenge me. At one point she mentioned that she never saw me try to depict a character with non-human streaks in their appearance. I imagine she was thinking of a shape-shifting druid with the lightest hint of bear or wolf in her face, or something like that. The first thought I had was mer-folk.

I don’t think mermaids would be skinny. I have seen Olympic swimmers. Spending your entire life under water in an environment much more dense than air must end up showing on one’s physique. Thus I present my depiction of what I like to think present day mermaids would actually look like.

Original posting on DeviantArt here.

Dena of Dicing with Death


Another DnD show I used to watch a while back was Dicing with Death. The game took place on Neal “Koibu” Erickson’s Twitch channel, and featured only one player plus the DM. When the player character met his end, the roles would be switched.

One of Koibu’s characters was an elven rogue by the name of Qualneer. Throughout his career of thieving the silver haired elf made quite a few lucrative partnerships along the way. One such partnership was made with the fine lady you see above. She had her own ship, a crew of lowlifes at her command, and a mind on riches and profit. In other words: my kind of woman.

Original posting on DeviantArt here.

The evolution of Victarian Black (and Lemorack)

Another trip into the old Rollplay days. I joined in on the original show mid way, the second season of Rollplay: Solum I watched right from the start though. One of my favorite things about table-top role-playing is the journey and the evolution. Characters grow in power, but also in personality. As they move ahead, they often end up going in entirely directions than when you first envisioned them.

The above images depict Geoff Robinson’s character, Victarian Black. I am still not sure what Victarian’s goal was in life (his journey ended before that could be revealed), Geoff’s goal, however, was clear as daylight: full plate mail! To be decked out in an all-covering suit of steel was all he ever wanted, and when he finally got what he wished for, it was the happiest moment in series. He also decked himself out with various sets of gear acquired along the way, like a magical spear, and a shield crafted from the hide of a slain monster.

DeviantArt links:

1, 2, 3.

Rollplay: Ironheart Brothers


I followed many of the DnD shows in itmeJP‘s Rollplay lineup a few years ago. In the past two or so years I found myself unable to enjoy role-playing shows online, as I always just end up wishing I was playing (that and a lack of time to dedicate to watching all of them). I still remember all of them fondly, as well as the communities that grew around them.

Rollplay: The West Marches was a show tailored around having parties of recurring guests. As such the full cast of the show grew to a very large number. Several streamers would frequently join in for a session, some with several different characters over the course of the shows run time.

As I have gone on record saying before: Dwarves are the BEST! The West Marches introduced streamers CohhCarnage and Ezekiel III as the brothers Ironheart, Maldrick and Shaldrick. One was a cleric, the other a rouge, and though they may have had their differences, the bond between them was strong enough to last even through Maldrick’s tragic death. Shaldrick would keep his brothers remains close by him, in the hopes to one day find a way to bring him back. Throughout that time Maldrick would engage in conversation and pass on sage advice to his brother from beyond the grave. Or was Shaldrick just going crazy? That is also a possibility…

Original posting on DeviantArt here.

Tribute: Lauralania


I was introduced to Tia aka. Lauralania via a Misscliks role-playing show, where she played a Drow-elf priestess. The character was so unlikable and full of herself (notice I said her CHARACTER) that she instantly became my favorite in the party. Tia’s style of role-playing was also extremely entertaining to watch. It helps that she rocks a voice that makes you think she has practice as a wrestling announcer or some kind of radio host.

Through the antics of her priestess character Calithra I was introduced to the world of the Dark Elves. A scene from one of the sessions inspired me to draw Calithra kneeling before the spider-queen Lolth, whom the Dark Elves revere as their deity. I generally suck when drawing animals, so the spider lower half was good practice.

Later on discovering her personal Twitch channel, I found that she was an avid player of Heroes of the Storm, a game I myself frequent as well. After getting some feedback from her over twitter, I endeavored to depict her as what I assume is her favorite Warcraft character, Sylvanas Windrunner, a former high elf ranger turned banshee after death at the hands of the Arthas.

Re-imagining characters as female versions of themselves is also kind of my thing. I watched her on stream when the fire elemental lord Ragnaros was released, and got the crazy idea of trying to make a Lauralania faced fem-ragnaros.

If you are interested in checking out her stream, you can do so here: https://www.twitch.tv/lauralania

Follow her twitter here.

DeviantArt links to the pictures:

Lolth, Slyvanas 1, Sylvanas 2, Ragnaros

Tribute: Kaitlyn


I would like to dedicate today’s post to a streamer I like to watch on Twitch. I first got to know her on itmeJP’s Rollplaying shows, where I drew a picture of her human fighter, Riley. At the time I started following her, she would exclusively stream Starcraft 2. In the time since then she would continue to show up on other Rollplay shows, as well as converting her streams to feature more variety content. She also graduated in engineering and, at the time of this posting, is on her way to earn a medical degree as well, so that basically makes her a Medic from Starcraft.

She played though the MGS series at one point, that was when I decided to draw her the first tribute picture, in which I drew her as Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker’s Big Boss (if you are not a MGS fan, I am so sorry for how confusing that sentence was).

Later in her streaming carrier she started learning Terran in SC2. To celebrate the occasion I made her a Medic, even though she already practically is.

Links to the original DeviantArt posts:
Medic, Big Boss.

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