I don’t get around to doing comics much any more, but at one time it was the thing I wanted to do the most. Here are some of the projects I started. (Click the images for the full comics)

Detective Tas and Special Agent Blani

As a farewell present to a good friend moving away I made her a comic of the two of us as partners in a crime series on TV with lots of tropes.


Space Knights

Many hundreds of thousands of Earth years into the future, the realms settled by womankind are in the midst of a war that has lasted for a thousand years. A young Knight of Andel prepares to face her destiny.


Why I suck at Civilization V


A brief little one-page comic about the little problem I have when dealing with diplomacy in the video game Civilization.

Skyrim short

Dating back to before I started drawing digitally, the two characters I made in the video game Skyrim have a chat in the Bannered Mare tavern in Whiterun.


Fallout short

Another old one. My Fallout: New Vegas character in the way I chose to imagine her.


Tales of Solum

(Warning: Strong language)

This was once meant to be a series of comics about a role-playing show that I watched on Twitch. I only ever finished part one, but it got a really nice reception.


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